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We have to be thankful of our great Allah and then of our leader of nation the fonder of peace his Excellency dear Emomali Rahmon that we can do everything we want and we feel the freedom. Example of which we can celebrate any anniversaries we want. As we all know we are waiting for the New Year celebration. There are countable days for the New year celebration.

New Year eve is December 31. It is the night before New Year day. People like to be with friends and family together that time. They do not want to be alone. They want to celebrate as good as they can, the new year happily. Many people go to the restaurants. Everyone waits for midnight. They eat, drink and dance. At midnight people ring bells and blow horns. People gather together and say: Happy New Year. They kiss and hug each other.

The biggest new year eve celebration is in New York city. A million people go to time square. They wait for the New Year. Famous singers sing to the crowd. A large ball slowly comes down from a tall building. Everyone looks it so excitedly. The New Year begins when the ball reach the bottom. There is a lot of noise. Some people watch it on televisions. Many people stay awake until two or three o clock in the morning.

January 1st is the first day of the New Year. It is national holiday. People do not work and stay at home. On the New Year eve many people decide to change their bad habits. Some promise to spend less money, some people promise to eat less food. But many of them forget about their promises. As we all know celebrating the anniversaries is a good way of well-breding future generation. It is good for them that the anniversaries make their spiritual aims high.

I wish all of you to be in high top, be success in your daily works of your life and get luck to your purposes. <HAPPY NEW YEAR>

Written by Gadoev Bahodur

The student of first course

The faculty of foreign phylology

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